TPLO Six week post-op follow-up


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    Pet Information

    Lameness grade:

    0 = sound1 = subtle lameness2 = mild lameness3 = moderate lameness4 = severe lameness but weight-bearing most of the time5 = non-weight bearing

    Range of movement of the joint:

    NormalSlightly reducedModerately reducedSeverely reduced

    Pain on palpation and manipulation of the joint:


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    Ensure that the femoral trochanter and the fibular head are at the same level so that the femoral condyles are accurately superimposed. The primary beam should be centred on the stifle joint space and collimated to include the proximal half of the tibia.


    Sternal recumbency with the operated limb extended caudally and the contralateral limb flexed and supported on a sandbag. Ensure that the patella is in the midline and centre the primary beam on the patellar tendon. Collimate to include the proximal half of the tibia.

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