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What to expect when your pet is referred to Davies London

Your first visit

On arrival

  • Meter parking by telephone is available on Connaught Street and in Hyde Park Square.
  • On arrival at our London clinic, you will be greeted at reception and taken through to one of our consultation rooms.

Your consultation

  • We will allow at least 45 minutes for each consultation. The specialist will review your pet’s history and any test results, will thoroughly examine your pet and give you a chance to discuss your concerns in detail. If any further tests or treatments are recommended, you will be given an estimate of costs and what treatment plan will follow.

What happens next?

  • If your pet does need any further tests or treatments, these may either take place at Davies London or at our main hospital in Bedfordshire, where we have the latest technology and expertise available 24 hours a day.
  • When all investigations and treatments are complete, your specialist will discuss the results with you, answer your questions and help decide on a plan of action for your pet.


If your pet has to stay with us in Bedfordshire

  • Your pet will have 24 hour care with veterinary surgeons and nurses on site throughout the night. Please be assured your pet will be treated and cared for by dedicated and qualified staff who will do everything they can to make your pet’s stay with us as stress free and comfortable as possible.
  • Our switchboard is open from 8.30am-5.30pm with new daily progress reports available from 10am onwards. Please feel free to call any time during these hours to make enquiries about your pet.
  • Over the weekend our incoming telephone lines are reserved for emergencies only, so you will not be able to contact us directly. If there is a change in your pet’s condition, we will of course contact you straight away.
  • You are welcome to visit your pet at the hospital during their stay. Please discuss this with your specialist first, so we can ensure that any visits do not interfere with treatments.

Free daily pet ambulance service

  • Our free animal ambulance service is available to take your pet to our Bedfordshire hospital, if needed. When it’s time to come home, we can bring your pet back to Hyde Park for you. You may of course wish to make the journey there and back yourself.


Some things you might like to know

We understand that your pets are important members of your family, so when they become sick you are faced with all sorts of questions and decisions. We are here to help you with any questions you may have or decisions you need to make.

Why has my pet been referred?

Your vet has referred your pet to a specialist to get the best possible diagnosis and treatment available.

What do I need to bring with me?

Please bring your pet’s medical records, laboratory test results and x-rays, together with any medications your pet is currently taking. Your vet will be able to supply you with any copies of reports or other relevant information. You are advised not to bring your pet’s belongings like bedding and toys, to avoid the risk of cross infection. We will ensure your pet is as comfortable as possible whilst in our care.

Does my pet need to be vaccinated?

There is always a risk that a contagious disease may spread where animals are housed in close quarters, so please try to make sure your pet’s vaccinations are up-to-date. If your dog is not vaccinated against kennel cough, please ask your vet whether vaccination should be given before your visit.Information on ‘Kennel cough’ can be accessed from our website.

How much will it cost?

Our staff are all very experienced and will be able to give you a guide to the costs involved. Depending on the treatment required there may be changes to this amount but we will always keep you informed of any revised estimates. We will ask you to pay all fees in full on collection of your pet, when treatment is completed. In some instances an interim payment may be requested. We accept most major credit cards.

Insurance – how does this work?

If your pet is insured you will need to contact your insurance company to inform them that your pet has been referred to a specialist. If your claim is approved, your insurance company will then reimburse you for your expenditure. If you bring a claim form with you when you collect your pet, we will be happy to fill in the veterinary section of the form for you.

Click here for further information about insurance claims.

Click here to read our leaflet for pet owners about what to expect when your pet is referred to Davies London.

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