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New Year News

RCVS Environment and Sustainability Working Party

The RCVS has formed a new Environment and Sustainability Working Party, for the development of formal environmental and sustainability policies, internally and for the profession as a whole with the aim to make recommendations on new environmental and sustainability initiatives.


Postponed from November 2020 due to the pandemic, the 26th UN Climate Change Conference is due to take place in Glasgow in November 2021 with the aim being global, coordinated action on climate change to uphold the Paris Climate Change agreement of limiting global warming below 1.5-2o above pre-industrial levels and achieve net-zero emissions as soon as possible. This may be achieved through a combination of reducing emissions and offsetting or removing remaining emissions with significant cuts required by 2030. The UK has passed laws, committing to net-zero by 2050 and our nationally determined contribution under the Paris Agreement requires us to reduce emissions by 68% or more by 2030. We can all expect, therefore, to experience changes in our personal and professional obligations in the coming years.

In November 2020, the UK government brought the ban on sales of new petrol and diesel cars forward from 2035 – 2030. Within the veterinary industry, anaesthetic gases can be one of the greatest contributors to practice emissions, for information on how to reduce this impact, watch our low-flow anaesthesia CPD and Q&A sessions here;


Sustainability CPD

Sustainability in Veterinary Practice and Beyond

SPVS and VMG in partnership with VetSustain presented a full day of Live Online CPD, joined by diverse, expert speakers from the veterinary profession to presenters and campaigners. The recorded session is available here:

The Webinar Vet Virtual Congress 2021

The virtual congress took place from 22nd – 28th February.   Zoe Halfacree, Greener Vet Practice Working Group chair and Davies Soft Tissue Surgeon, took part in a session on Sustainability in Clinical Veterinary Practice with Vet Sustain. Recordings of all sessions are available to access until February 2022.

26th March – BSAVA Congress; Can The Profession Go Green?

10:00 – 10:50; Davies’ Anaesthetist and Sustainability Lead Ellie West and Zoe Halfacree, join Libby Kemkaran-Thompson, Becky Sedman and Matthew Sawyer for a day of environmental awareness.

New Year, Same Values

Continued Carbon Cuts

Team effort and infrastructure projects such as air source heat pump installations, resulted in a reduction of operational KgCO2eq by 30% in 2019, compared to 20% in 2018. These figures will be included in the corporate ‘net’ carbon emissions values.

Tree Planting Success

As an additional gesture to reduce carbon impact, the practice plans to offset 30% of operational carbon equivalent emissions from 2019 with Forest Carbon (, having offset 25% of 2018 operational carbon emissions on National Tree Planting day in 2019. ~1,000 trees will be planted on our behalf in Talla and Gameshope ( in a large woodland creation and rewilding project on formerly overgrazed farm land. For more information, please visit: (

Davies launched a tree planting scheme last year, to be continued this year, with 116 trees planted in the Forest of Marston Vale, as a way for bereaved owners to honour their pet’s memory. Furthermore, 1,000 trees are to be planted on Davies’ behalf this year, in a large woodland creation and rewilding project in Southern Scotland.

Bereavement Co-Ordinator Jennifer Heley says: ‘I think [the scheme] is definitely beneficial for our bereaved owners… it’s a way of honouring their pet’s memory.’

Saving Paper

Clinical reports will no longer be printed for hard copy client files. This will help to further reduce onsite paper usage.

DOTS Donation

In an ongoing project, colleagues have now finished fixing, amending and washing over 80 jackets and body warmers which will be donated, along with several boxes of coffee cups to Dogs on the Streets ( Massive thanks to Vicky Clayton, Tina Kiefer, Emma-Louise Hiddle and Laura McCutcheon for all their hard work organising and getting everything ready.

Davies Veterinary Specialists donates to DOTS

Cut a Tonne in ’21

Commit to ‘Cut a Tonne in 21’ with Giki Zero, a free online service that helps you reduce your carbon footprint with great, helpful and achievable tips and tricks:

Sustainability Shout Outs

From January 2021, we are introducing this section to report our favourite sustainability wins across Linnaeus and our referring practices, to be featured, please email a brief overview of your work with a picture if possible to:

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