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Climate crisis in the COVID crisis

Corona virus has affected all aspects of life and veterinary practice is no exception, with essential oxygen, PPE and cleaning products in short supply.

In response, our anaesthesia team have created resources for safely minimising oxygen and volatile anaesthetic use and understanding Capnography. These include webinars and downloadable information sheets.

Click here to access our Oxygen conservation page.

Click here to visit our Understanding Capnography page.


Coming up!

Sustainability Tips for veterinary practices – Webinar with Ellie West on 27th May at 10am

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Out of hours – Sustainability Special

Ian Battersby will be hosting Ellie West for a Sustainability Special in our Out Of Hours series, this will be available via our social media channels and website later this month.



Follow the link below to catch up with podcasts from SPVS-VMG congress stream on Sustainability;

Webinars from Ellie West of Davies and April Sotomayor of Investors in the Environment on ‘One practice’s journey towards environmental sustainability’ and ‘Take your first steps to go green in your veterinary practice’ are available via The Webinar Vet at the links below;

As well as ‘Disaster Mindset, the neuro psychology you need to survive and thrive’ by Libby Kemkaran-Thompson;


Practical Steps

Below are some small steps we have taken to improve sustainability and support the NHS and local hospitals during the pandemic.

We’d love to hear how you’ve been adapting sustainably during the crisis so please pop an email to: We’ll feature some of our favourites in our next newsletter;

What we’ve done at Davies:

  • Increased use of reusable PPE, such as gowns, where possible, freeing up resources for the NHS.
  • Donated equipment; our Nursing, Procurement and Anaesthesia teams have sent 65 scrub tops and 56 bottoms to Lister Hospital and 4 ventilators to Luton and Dunstable Hospital.
  • Increased use of video conferencing for meetings and consultations to adhere to social distancing and isolation protocol while reducing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from travel.


SustainabilityDavies Veterinary Specialists donates scrubs to NHS


Positivity in challenging times

It does seem like the global lockdowns, are having a positive impact on pollution levels, Greenhouse Gas emissions and wildlife;

  • reported a temporary 25% reduction in China’s CO2 emissions, still below normal, two months after lockdown began.
  • Davies’ greenhouse gas emissions for anaesthetic agents, electricity, waste, water, gas, fleet diesel and oil, were already reducing by up to 27% from 871788 kgCO2 eq in 2018 to 637476kgCO2 eq in 2019; we hope to learn from the current crisis to continue this trend.
  • Plantlife have suggested that reduced maintenance of roadside verges by local councils during lockdown to conserve funds, may allow wildflowers a ‘bumper year’, benefitting bees, bats and butterflies.
  • Mental and physical health benefits from engaging with our wonderful spring nature;

Studies show positive impacts of spending time in nature; helping to manage stress and improve wellbeing. In these stressful times, your daily exercise is the perfect opportunity to get out in our beautiful countryside and make the most of this ‘bumper year for British wildflowers’.

Apps such as ‘Habitats & Species Explorer’ and ‘Tree ID’ from the Wildlife and Woodland Trusts will help you make the most of these experiences. Challenge yourself and your family to identify three birds, three wildflowers, three trees or one of each on your next walk!


The Davies Distance Challenge

In honour of National Walking Month; May our colleagues are walking, cycling or running as far as possible.

They’re keeping track of the distance for all their exercises across the month – with the winning team being those who have collectively travelled the greatest distance by the end of the month.

If you would like to sponsor our distance challenge teams by making a donation to our charity of the year: Dogs on the Street (DOTS), or local charity Keech Hospice, in memory of our much-loved Radiographer Sue Whitfield, who sadly passed away recently, please visit:


DOTS is a volunteer run, not-for-profit charity dedicated to the welfare of dogs belonging to the UK’s homeless community, while Keech Hospice provides free, specialist care for adults and children who have life-limiting and terminal illnesses.

Davies Veterinary Specialists Distance challenge


Talking Trees…

It’s so important to stay connected during these challenging times, be that via social media, at home or at work but did you know…

Trees and plants also communicate during times of stress, such as drought?

Unstressed plants respond to chemicals from the roots of ‘stressed’ plants, allowing them to adapt to the new environment.

Read more about ‘The Hidden Life of Trees’ in our recommended Green Read by Peter Wohlleben.

If you have any ideas or questions, please contact our Sustainability Team, Ellie West and Rachel Evans, by email at


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