Sustainability News for Vets - February 2020

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The power of pledges and donations

Making a public statement takes courage, particularly when you may not feel that you have all the solutions to a problem. We know that the triple threats of climate crisis, resource scarcity and biodiversity loss need everyone to engage with, and the first step is to acknowledge the problem. With this in mind, please consider using your voice:

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Vet Sustain’s declaration
of Climate Emergency


What’s new?

VetSustain and WebinarVet are releasing a series of free webinars on different aspects of sustainability.

The first was by iiE’s April Sotomayor on Jan 14th:

And the next is by David Reay, Chair in Carbon Management and Education at Edinburgh University on Weds 12th February:


WebinarVet have also agree to provide extended access
(and 50% off for VetSustain members) to Ellie West’s seminar from Jan 2019


The article in Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia titled “Environmental Sustainability in Veterinary Anaesthesia” is available online
with an accompanying podcast by authors Ellie West and Prof Ron Jones


Equine Vet Education commissioned an editorial on sustainability


Small animal vet Jen Gale’s new book “The Sustainable(ish) Living Guide” and website
( provides practical help and support for the #imperfectly green


Improving sustainable use of anaesthesia in veterinary practice blog

We have added a blog on “Reducing anaesthetic gas use for environmental benefit” on our Davies webpages, along with our existing resources.

Click here to read the blog:

For more sustainability resources visit:


Carbon offsetting by tree planting

Carbon offsetting by tree planting is one tool to mitigate carbon emissions (although it should be used alongside meaningful and impactful measures to reduce carbon emissions).

After a suggestion to plant trees from our team, we announced on National Tree Planting Day (30th November 2019) that DVS will partner with Forest Carbon to offset 25% of our 2018 carbon emissions from energy, electricity, water and volatile anaesthetic agent use. Our carbon credits will be listed on the IHS Markit registry, which is home to the world’s leading carbon credit standards.

Forest Carbon was established specifically to support the creation of new woodlands in the UK on behalf of businesses in recognition of their carbon footprints. Woodland creation is vital to the UK, not only for climate change mitigation, but also for the wide range of other benefits woodlands provide: flood mitigation, cleaner rivers and air, employment, sustainable timber, public access and new habitat. Although trees take time to grow many of these other benefits begin to accrue immediately.

Forest Carbon are accredited by the Woodland Carbon Code (which ensures that the right trees are planted in the right places, that they are managed and monitored in the long term, that the projects are subject to periodic re-certification, and that there is additionality) and UK Forestry Standard (covering biodiversity, soil and water).

Separately, we will also be offering each of our bereaved clients a certificate of tree planting on their behalf in the local Forest of Marston Vale
– we hope that this scheme offers owners a place of memorial for their pets.



Sustainability training events coming up….

On Thursday February 27th February, Davies Vet Specialists are hosting a seminar given by ECVAA Diplomate Sarah Gibson called “Improving anaesthesia: cutting carbon and costs”. For more information, contact or click here to book a place:

On Tuesday March 3rd SPVS are hosting a practical sustainability day for veterinary practices in Milton Keynes with April Sotomayor of iiE and Ellie West of Davies. See for more information and to book.


On Friday April 3rd The SPVS leadership stream at BSAVA Congress in Birmingham will be focussed on leading change management for environmental sustainability within veterinary practice, with lectures from business consultant Libby Kemkaran-Thompson and speakers from iiE, Davies Veterinary Specialists and the NHS.


If you have any ideas or questions, please contact our Sustainability Lead, Ellie West

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