Our insurance, finance and payment policies

Our payment policies explained

We understand that going through specialist treatment with your pet can be worrying, and we also understand that insurance claims can add to that. At Davies, we have a dedicated finance team who are on hand to help you and make this process as simple as possible.

You’ll find links to some useful information and FAQs below.

A quick summary…

  • If your pet is admitted for hospitalisation and/or surgery, payment of 50% of the lower end of the estimate is required at the end of the consultation, with the balance settled on discharge.
  • If you are insured we will help you through the process of an ‘indirect claim’ or a ‘direct claim’.
  • An indirect claim means you pay in full after your appointment or on collection and then your insurance company will reimburse you directly. 50% of the estimated cost is requested at the end of the initial consultation. Simply bring your insurance claim form to your appointment and we will help process this.
  • We also do ‘direct claims’ (this is where we would be reimbursed by your insurance company). If you would like a direct claim with us please contact us prior to your appointments or treatment. Our ability to do a direct claim is subject to approval.


Changes to our prices

We have recently carried out a review of our prices. These changes will be implemented from 1st December 2021.

Please note that all existing quotes prior to 1st December will be honoured for four weeks. If you have any questions, please speak to a member of our team.

Thank you for your continued support.

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