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Davies London Newsletter 2012
The referral leavlet from Davies Veterinary Specialists

Internal Medicine Service

Dr Nat Whitley and Ian Battersby consult regularly at Davies London, and we offer a free ambulance service to our main site on the Bedfordshire/Hertfordshire border if further tests or treatments are needed.


The Internal Medicine Service accepts cases for investigation with clinical problems that are not obviously surgical. These can include vomiting, diarrhoea, excessive drinking, malaise, weight loss/weight gain, anaemia and fever. Sometimes, if a case is found to have a non-medical disease, and, for example, needs surgery or cancer treatment, it may be transferred to another service within Davies Veterinary Specialists.

stomach endoscopy

Typically, after an initial consultation, a patient may be admitted for further investigation such as blood tests, radiographs, ultrasound or endoscopy. After tests, animals may need to go back home to await results, but some may need to stay in for additional treatment, according to how unwell they are. The Internal Medicine team are strongly motivated by the ‘detective’ work required to establish a diagnosis and the resulting ability to make animals better, whenever possible. Nat and the team are happy to discuss cases over the telephone with veterinary colleagues, but are unable to discuss cases with owners prior to a formal consultation.

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