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RSA Client Fact Sheet

Pet Owners insured with policies subject to referral restrictions. 

• If your pet has a new or recently renewed pet insurance policy with either ‘More Than’ or Tesco and you are seeking a referral there may be certain new restrictions on your policy and it is worth checking this and understanding it
• This does not prevent you seeking a referral at any centre that you wish or that your veterinary surgeon advises but there may be certain new conditions
• If the referral practice is not included in the insurers ‘Preferred Provider’ List you will have to request permission to be referred to this practice and may be subject to an additional fee of £200
• There are currently only a small number of referral centres contained on this list and they are all valid referral providers but the list does not include many other large and respected referral practices who elected not to join the list.
• It is your choice. You can select the referral practice that you wish to take your pet to, there is no restriction to this at present. However you will have to clear this with the insurance provider and are likely to require to pay an additional £200.
• These conditions only apply to new or recently renewed policies at the present time 

 February 2016

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