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My dog has been prescribed PIMOBENDAN (Vetmedin®)

tabletsPimobendan for dogs is used for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases such as degenerative valvular disease and dilated cardiomyopathy. It may also be useful in other heart diseases, especially when there is evidence of reduced myocardial contractility (the heart muscle contracts weakly). Several studies have demonstrated its benefit in controlling signs of heart failure and improving quality of life and prolonging life in symptomatic patients.

What does it do ?

Pimobendan for dogs has several effects including blood vessel dilation and an increase in heart muscle strength.


Pimobendan must not be administered with meals as this reduces its effect. Administer 90 minutes before a meal.

German ShephardSide-effects ?

Pimobendan for dogs is usually very well tolerated. Episodes of vomiting can occur. It can also increase heart rate. On rare occasions, disturbances of the heart rhythm may occur.

Monitoring ?

Before starting Pimobendan, a complete cardiovascular examination including an echocardiographic examination, electrocardiogram, blood pressure assessment and basic blood tests will be performed. These will be repeated as deemed necessary by your vet/cardiologist.

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