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Veterinary Soft Tissue Surgery

The highly skilled veterinary soft tissue surgery team at Davies Veterinary Specialists is led by Ronan Doyle.  He works with Rob AdamsCarolyn Burton, Elspeth CockburnSmita Das, Kate Forster and Leonard Hamilton, who are extensively trained and experienced in all aspects of veterinary soft tissue surgery.

‘Soft-tissue surgery is operating on parts of the body other than the nervous and musculoskeletal system. Ronan Doyle and Kate Forster explain their work and how important it is to have good liaison with team members and colleagues in other disciplines so that the best decisions are made.’

The Soft Tissue Surgery Service at Davies Veterinary Specialists accepts the full spectrum of general surgery cases referred by general practitioners, as well as having a pivotal role in the management of cases admitted via other services within the practice. The integration of many of Davies Veterinary Specialists’ services in this way ensures extremely high standards of case management.

PC shunt protov cat

Veterinary soft tissue surgery is a varied discipline and includes the majority of surgical procedures that do not fall under the remit of orthopaedic surgery. Areas covered include ear, nose and throat, cardiothoracic, hepatic, gastrointestinal, urogenital, skin reconstructive and oncological surgeries.

Many cases are seen by the soft tissue surgeons for an initial consultation and subsequent discussion of further investigation and treatment requirements, while other cases are transferred to the clinical services ‘in house’ from clinicians from other disciplines.

Following the consultation, animals are usually admitted for treatment, although in some cases investigations may be scheduled for admission at a future date. After any diagnostic or surgical procedures, animals stay at Davies Veterinary Specialists until the clinicians are satisfied with their recovery.

The surgeons are regularly contacted for telephone advice from veterinary general practitioners and are happy to discuss cases over the telephone.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to discuss cases directly with owners before their animal is seen for an initial consultation.

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