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Veterinary physiotherapy is an evidence-based health care profession working closely with the veterinary profession to ensure the correct diagnosis and treatment of animals. Physiotherapy aims to restore and maintain mobility, function and performance as well as reducing pain and inflammation and thus recovery time.

Our Physiotherapy Team, led by Diane Messum, assesses and treats our canine and feline in and out-patients. The advanced level of training and combined experience of our Chartered Veterinary Physiotherapists ensures the best standard of rehabilitation for any animal referred to our Physiotherapy service.

black dog laying down while receiving veterinary physiotherapy

We believe that physiotherapy and rehabilitation is integral to the conservative and pre- and post-operative management of, in particular, our orthopaedic, neurological and soft tissue patients, enhancing their recovery.We work very closely with our colleagues in the clinical services team.

‘Physiotherapy is used to maintain and restore normal movement processes following, for example, injury or surgery. Diane Messum explains how a combination of techniques including manual manipulation, electrical stimulation and custom-made appliances are used to help our patients.’

Currently, the title ‘Animal or Veterinary Physiotherapist’ is not protected by law which means that anyone, in theory, can call themselves this, regardless of their qualifications. To become a Chartered Physiotherapist, which is protected by law, a 3 or 4 year BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy degree at university is undertaken. Veterinary Physiotherapists are Human Physiotherapists who have a specialist interest in animal physiotherapy. A post graduate training programme must be completed. This is in the form of a 2 or 3 year postgraduate diploma or masters degree in Veterinary Physiotherapy.

The benefit of becoming a human physiotherapist before specialising in the field of veterinary physiotherapy allows the physiotherapist to sensitise their hands and perfect their treatment techniques with the verbal feedback from their human patients. With this experience, Veterinary Physiotherapists obtain a detailed insight into the identification and treatment of problems in animals which is imperative when assessing and coordinating a patient-centred treatment plan for your animal patient, accompanied by the knowledge that you are not causing any additional pain or harm to them.

By law, Chartered Veterinary Physiotherapists who are a member of the ‘Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Animal Therapy’ (ACPAT) must obtain veterinary approval to ensure adequate protection of your animal at all times. At Davies Veterinary Specialists, our physiotherapists work closely with the in-house clinical specialists and referring veterinary surgeons along with other paraprofessionals to ensure the best care for your animal.

We currently provide physiotherapy to in and out-patients five days a week. If you are an owner and would like our team to assess your animal, please ask your vet about a referral or, if you are a vet looking to refer a patient for physiotherapy, you can download an appointment request form from our website which you may fax to 01582 883946 or please contact us on 01582 883950.


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