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Veterinary Orthopaedics

The advanced level of skill and training and the collective experience of our orthopaedic surgeons ensures the best possible standards of care for every patient within the Orthopaedics Service at Davies Veterinary Specialists.

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The high level of training and experience of our Orthopaedic surgeons and the onsite investigative tools at their disposal make Davies Veterinary Specialists a centre of excellence for the investigation and treatment of a wide range of orthopaedic conditions in both dogs and cats.

The veterinary orthopaedics department is part of clinical services and their caseload typically includes:

  • the investigation and treatment of all forms of lameness
  • the management of trauma (mostly road traffic accidents) fracture repair
  • the correction of limb deformities

  • ‘Orthopaedic surgeons Richard Whitelock and Mark Morton explain their work and the satisfaction they get from relieving pain and discomfort, and restoring function in dogs and cats with musculoskeletal disease.’

    An accurate diagnosis is absolutely essential if appropriate advice and treatment are to be given. The Orthopaedic team prides itself in the amount of time and effort that it dedicates to this important end. With thorough (45 minute) consultations and on-site access to conventional radiography (X-rays), ultrasound, MRI, electromyography, arthroscopy as well as easy access to CT and bone scanning they are able to provide an exceptional service.

    Our Orthopaedic surgeons will take time and great care to advise you on your pet’s condition, the causes, the options for treatment, the prognosis and the costs that may be incurred along the way. A complimentary telephone advice service is provided for veterinary colleagues but the surgeons are unable to discuss cases with owners without a consultation.

    Fortunately many of the causes of lameness can be overcome by surgical treatment. The Orthopaedic surgeons have access to 5 fully equipped theatres and an extensive range of first class surgical equipment. Davies Veterinary Specialists also has a dedicated anaesthesia team to ensure that maximum care is given to all patients at all times.

    The Orthopaedic Service will always endeavour to see urgent cases at very short notice. With its multidisciplinary focus Davies Veterinary Specialists is ideally placed to offer the very best treatment of emergency/trauma patients.

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