The Davies Veterinary Specialists Building

Veterinary Oncology Service

Oncology is the study and treatment of cancer. Our veterinary oncology service is staffed by Mark Goodfellow, Irina GramerIsabelle Desmas-Bazelle, Anna Threlfall and Patricia Ibarrola. 

‘Dr Mark Goodfellow explains the philosophy of our oncology service where the pet’s quality of life is the pre-eminent concern. A diagnosis of cancer in a pet can be frightening and confusing for owners, with lots of concerns and questions. The oncology team understand this and recognise that it is important to form a bond with owners so discussions can be had about which treatment options may be best. In many cases, combinations of medical and surgical treatment can have very positive outcomes on quality of life.’

Cancer can manifest in many different ways, according to the type and site of development. Our oncologists are experienced in the diagnosis of cancer, through various diagnostic tests including imaging and tissue sampling.

They are also able to treat cancer through various means, including drug therapy, surgery and radiation therapy (courtesy of local facilities). Because the diagnosis and treatment of cancer requires input from other disciplines within the practice, the oncologists integrate their work closely with the work of others in the clinical services team, such as the soft tissue surgeons.

A diagnosis of ‘cancer’ can be frightening and confusing for owners, often with many choices to be made regarding possible treatments. A large part of the oncologists’ job is to talk to owners about their pet’s disease and to guide them through difficult choices. This compassionate role is a rewarding and, sometimes, challenging part of the job.

Our oncologists are happy to discuss difficult cases with professional colleagues, but cannot discuss specific cases with pet owners without a formal referral from their primary veterinary surgeon.

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